YMCA LaunchPad: Launching young people into social enterprise

  • Date: 10 November 2014
  • Category: Youth

The YMCA LaunchPad is an exciting new initiative that introduces young people to social enterprise and is just one way in which YMCA Victoria is empowering young people.

A social enterprise is a financially sustainable business with a social purpose at its core or simply a business that helps to create a better world.

The YMCA LaunchPad was a pilot program run in October and saw 20 young people aged between 16-18 be introduced to and inspired by the concept of social enterprise.

The three-day residential program in the Melbourne CBD was lead by a taskforce of young people that are currently social entrepreneurs themselves each with their unique journeys.


At the heart of the camp was passion, allowing the participants to explore the change that they want to see in the world.

“We know that young people are very passionate about wanting to change the world and make a positive contribution. They don’t always know how, and this program is about introducing them to one particular how," said Paul Turner, Innovations Manager at YMCA Victoria.

The camp presented the participants with the foundations of social enterprise exploring business skills, pitching and presenting ideas and best use of social media. A hugely motivating experience for the young participants, each gaining a better understanding of social enterprise and a sense that they could help shape and create a better world.


“I think that every young person should attend programs with the Y because for me it has helped to open my eyes to all the things that I can do and really influenced the confidence I have in the difference I can make,” said participant, Matilda.

The YMCA LaunchPad is just one way in which YMCA Victoria is empowering young people. Our next YMCA LaunchPad program will be running in April 2015. To find out more on YMCA LaunchPad and other programs offered by Youth Services please visit our website or contact Ian Boorman at ian.boorman@ymca.org.au