YMCA Victoria steps up for Walk to School month

  • Date: 17 September 2014
  • Category: News
Walk to School 2014 shoe

We’re supporting VicHealth’s Walk to School challenge by encouraging our staff and volunteers with children to switch the car for the footpath to get to and from school this October.

VicHealth’s Walk to School is a month of activity that encourages primary students across Victoria to walk to and from school as often as possible throughout October.

YMCA Victoria Health Promotion Manager Ariana Kurzeme said VicHealth’s Walk to School is an opportunity to incorporate more physical activity into the day, which benefits both parents and children.

"YMCA Victoria is committed to creating and supporting opportunities for children to be active more often. Kids need to move more and sit less and walking to and from school is an excellent way of increasing activity levels. We are delighted to support this important initiative."

By getting involved in Walk to School, parents will be helping their children learn healthy habits, and achieve the 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity recommended for children each day.

Throughout October, schools and parents are encouraged to help children record their walks using classroom calendars or the Walk to School website and app.

VicHealth CEO, Jerril Rechter, said children who walk to and from school can build healthy lifelong habits, become more familiar with their neighbourhoods and make new friends.

"Unfortunately, Australian children are now among the world’s least active. In the 1960s, one in 20 children was obese and today it’s one in four. In another decade, it’s projected to be one in three. But we can turn these trends around with a simple activity: walking.

"VicHealth encourages families to walk as often as they can, particularly to and from school, instead of driving."

"Last year, 30,000 students from more than 300 primary schools in Victoria joined us for Walk to School, walking more than 410,000 kilometres."

"We are really pleased to have YMCA Victoria on board this year and look forward to our biggest Walk to School campaign yet."

Register for Walk to School by visiting www.walktoschool.vic.gov.au.