Come and play Badminton

Springers Leisure Centre offers Badminton on a casual basis as well as in organised competitions. Local level competitions are run during the week, as well as Open, Graded and Junior weekend tournaments which are conducted each year.

Availability may vary. Payment upon booking is essential. Bookings can be taken a maximum of one week in advance.

Users must have their own racket and shuttlecocks.

To book a court please contact Springers Leisure Centre on 9701 5900.

For details on badminton competition please contact Ian Morrison on 0413 061 540 or Margaret Anderson on 0412 892 821

For details on coaching please contact Hung Pham on 0434 679 284

Eastern Ladies Badminton Association (ELBA)
Operate Ladies daytime badminton competition on Wednesday mornings.

Full fixtured badminton commpetition.

Childcare available to mind the kids (bookings essential).

Kiosk open.

Please contact Val Nesbitt on 0409 410 738